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Saints and Heroes

Saints and Heroes by Andrew Schultz takes readers into a time forgotten by all but the most learned teachers and students of history, perhaps even by Scots themselves. It is a book about hope, despair and faith.  From Scotland a historical power arose and the actions of its characters drives this ancient tale from forgotten legend into living history with Schultz’s powerful re-imagining of a kingdom which started a 300-year Scottish dynasty.

Readers will follow Anselm from his lonely boyhood in the rugged Isle of Iona, through a course of study at Glastonbury and ultimately through his long association with King Malcolm Caenmore (translated: “Big Head”), the historical equivalent of the character of the same name in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Malcolm was a ruthless despot whose reign preceded the beginning of the Scoto-Norman age.  Saints and Heroes, therefore is a study in contrasts–between royal master and wise scholar, between loyalties to God and country, and the strange bond between two diametrically opposed people who, through a relationship that was all about manipulation and deceit for Malcolm and sacrifice and hope for Anselm, brilliantly dramatizes the class conflicts, the ambiguities of political history and Christianity’s deepening influence not only in Scotland, but for most of Europe.  For thirty five years, Malcolm would reign over Scotland and in Anselm and his story lies a powerful narrative that has left its marks on Scottish history.